TheStruts_HP_003Photography & Words: Adam R. Harrison

Glamour struck the dark and dingy hole that is Toronto’s Opera House Wednesday night as The Struts graced us with 90-minutes of airy vocals, raunchy guitar, flamboyant antics, and all the sequenced apparel you could handle as part of The Body Talks Tour.

The fab band, who were hot off their massive opening set for the Foo Fighters at The Roger’s Centre over the summer opened their set with “Primadonna Like Me,” a single off their upcoming sophomore album, Young & Dangerous.

At the centre of The Struts is singer and showman extraordinaire, Luke Spiller, who danced, pranced and… strutted… around the stage at 100mph. Think Freddie Mercury if his diet only consisted of cocaine, espresso and Jolly Ranchers. Spiller’s intoxicating spirit hooked the crowd instantly and only intensified during hot songs like “Kiss This” and “One Night Only.”

Their set not only consisted of favourites from their debut album but also some new material from their unreleased album (coming out in October). Songs like “Fire” and “Somebody New” were straight fire and soon to be hits upon release. Giving Strut fans something to look forward to post-show.

This show in particular was special because it was also Spiller’s birthday. During a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” he pointed out a sign being held by a girl, no older than seven, on her dad’s shoulders that read “Luke it’s my birthday too. Can I be your Courtney Cox tonight please?” Unable to deny such a charming request, Spiller invited the young lady on stage to sing, dance and recreate the legendary music video scene with him.

The final song of the main set was the sing-a-long inducing “Where Did She Go?” The now golden robed Spiller had the entire venue waving their hands in the air. Before they would finish, Spiller explained their budget didn’t allow for fireworks (yet!), so instead we were going to create ‘human fireworks.’ This act had the entire audience crouched on the floor until the buildup of the final chorus in which everyone exploded to their feet in glorious jumping fury.

The band returned for a three-song encore that concluded with the rock n’ roll anthem “Could Have Been Me.” Leaving the fans in The Opera House in deafening cheer, wanting more. The Struts promised they would be back soon. Hopefully next tour will see them headline venues as big and glamorous as their talent and persona.

The Struts

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