Photography by: Michael Amaral

Words by: Tyson Clarke

Thursday October 25, on a chilly fall night, Good Charlotte brought their 2018 North American Tour to Toronto’s Rebel. The tour is in support of the band’s newly released 7th LP, Generation Rx. The show kicked off with a stellar lineup including: California based Rock two piece The Dose, Chicago based Pop Punk band Knuckle Puck, and Florida based Rock band Sleeping with Sirens. Though it may have been jacket weather outside, inside Rebel it heated up pretty quickly as thousands of fans swarmed venue, awaiting the show.

The anticipation grew to a fever pitch minutes before the set as Flo Rida’s “Low”, and Eminem’s “Crack a Bottle” played before the lights went out. “Generation Rx”, the intro to the new album played over the speakers as the band made their way onto the stage. Good Charlotte kicked off their set with “Self Help” off of Generation Rx, before jumping into fan favourites “The Anthem”, “The Story of my Old Man”, and “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl”. “Thank you, oh man. How are you guys doing? I’m gonna be honest with you, it feels good to be here tonight. I didn’t know what to expect, I was a little nervous. But this is really good. I feel like I’m at my friend’s house and we’re having a Good Charlotte party. And we’re passing the aux around and playing our favourite Good Charlotte songs. And we have that one friend who doesn’t really know us, and we’re trying to convince him that we’re worth checking out. But for real we’re so happy to be here. The vibe is really good in here Toronto” Joel Madden said before playing another fan favourite, “Girls and Boys”.

“Where were you guys in 2004? Did you have eyeliner running down your face? I did. I think I cried for the entire year that year. I had long bangs blocking my eyes because I didn’t want to see anyone. It was a weird year for me. But you guys were right there with me. We put out an album called The Chronicles of Life and Death that year and we’re going to play something off that” said Madden before jumping into “Predictable”. Both of the Madden brothers made it very clear whenever they could that this show felt extra special to them. Joel Madden was sick with a cold and starting to lose his voice throughout the show, but the crowd had no problem helping with the lead vocals. To show appreciation to the fans, the band played “The Click.” off of their self- titled first album, a song that was requested by multiple fans but hadn’t been rehearsed or performed live since 2011, as a special treat for the audience in Toronto.

As the show began to wind down, Good Charlotte threw hit after hit at the crowd including “Little Things”, “The Young and the Hopeless”, “The River”, “I Don’t Want to be in Love (Dance Floor Anthem)”, and “I Just Wanna Live”. “Thank you so much guys. Congratulations, you made it through your first Good Charlotte show. Thank you for coming. I feel like we’re going to be life- long friends. And for those who have seen us before, thank you for coming back. You’ve been so good to us. We love Toronto. Tonight was a special night. This is our last song, something tells me you guys will know some of these words” Madden says before closing out the night with the bands mega-hit “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous”.

The theme of the night is that it felt special. There was a special aura in the building. It was a celebration of youth, and a reminder of those simpler times. Whether you’re in your twenties and thirties, and reminiscing on the times in your life when you heard these songs for the first time. Or to the people in their teenage years and younger, who are starting to get into the scene. Everyone can agree that Good Charlotte are legends of the Pop Punk genre.  If the tour comes anywhere near you, you don’t want to miss out.

Good Charlotte’s Setlist:

  1. Generation Rx (Intro)
  2. Self Help
  3. The Anthem
  4. The Story of My Old Man
  5. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
  6. Girls and Boys
  7. Riot Girl
  8. Prayers
  9. Predictable
  10. Hold On
  11. The Click.
  12. Little Things
  13. The Young and the Hopeless
  14. The River
  15. I Don’t Wanna Be in Love (Dance Floor Anthem)
  16. I Just Wanna Live
  17. Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

The Dose

Knuckle Puck

Sleeping With Sirens

Good Charlotte

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