Words by: Tyson Clarke

Photography by: Michael Amaral

It was a night filled with dancing, singing, and all around good vibes as Young the Giant brought their 2018 Fall Tour to Rebel in Toronto on November 8th. The tour saw support from Canada’s own Lights, and was following the band’s brand new record, Mirror Master.

Before Lights graced the stage the main floor of the club was already filled to capacity, and more people continued to file in as the packed crowd anxiously waited for Young the Giant. Once it was finally time for Young the Giant to take the stage, the California based Alt-Rock band kicked off their set with “Mirror Master” and “Heat of the Summer”, both off of their aforementioned new record. Their setlist also included crowd favorites:  “Apartment”, “Titus was Born”, and “Something to Believe In”.

“Thank-you, you know we’ve been doing this for about 10 years now. 10 years ago we played in Toronto for the first time, in front of 100 people at most. We were here 2 years ago on the Home of the Strange Tour but this is the most people we’ve ever had singing along here” Gadhia said as he greeted the crowd before the band played stripped down versions of “Strings” and “Firelight”.

The crowd reached a brand new level of excitement as they played “Cough Syrup”, “Mind over Matter” and “Nothing’s Over”, before wrapping up their set with a new, but soon to be fan favorite, “Call Me Back”.

After about 2 minutes of waiting, Young the Giant returned to the stage and flew through “Superposition”, “Tightrope” and “Silvertongue”. Gadhia thanked the crowd one last time for coming out before sending everyone home happy with “My Body”.

The 18 song, 90 minute set flew by. Frontman, Sameer Gadhia didn’t spend a lot of time talking to the crowd, besides thanking them on a couple of occasions. But he didn’t need to talk to the crowd to make a connection. The fans were too busy being awestruck by Sameer’s vocal range and the fact that the band sounds the exact same, if not better live than they do in the studio. Not to mention the stage presence he has, between the flamboyant and at times lustful dance moves, to him jumping and pacing around the stage aggressively with his tambourine and cowbell, it made it nearly impossible to take your eyes off of him.

The only slight criticism about the show was how many new songs they played. Almost half of the set were songs off of the new record, which was released only 3 weeks ago, so a good portion of the crowd were not completely familiar with some of the songs. That being said, the songs were well received, the band got the chance to promote the album, and they played all of the classics to cater to the casual fans as well.

Although it was a chilly fall night beside Lake Ontario, inside Rebel, Young the Giant made it feel like festival season in the middle of the summer. They brought great vibes all around, and what more can you really ask for?

Young The Giant’s Setlist:
Mirror Master
Heat of the Summer
Titus was Born
Something to Believe In
Strings (Acoustic)
Firelight (Acoustic)
Panoramic Girl
Cough Syrup
Mind Over Matter
Nothing’s Over
Call Me Back
My Body


Young The Giant

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