MUSIC NEWS: Bring Me The Horizon Go POP!


bmth amo 1

Words by: Jeanette Cruickshank

Former deathcore band Bring Me The Horizon have just dropped a brand-new “pop-ish” track, and you know what? We totally dig it! This song comes after their single “Mantra” (a total banger) in anticipation of their upcoming release Amo that’s set to drop on January 25th (pre-order here).

Does it come as a surprise? Not really, their sound has progressively been getting softer since the release of Sempiternal in 2013 and when they dropped a huge shocker to “old-school” BMTH fans with That’s The Spirit in 2015.

How do we feel about it? Yeah it’s a massive game changer and yeah we miss the Count Your Blessings days, but we see these albums as products of two completely different bands and we are standing behind both of them like a proud Mom at their kids talent show! Also let’s face it, we’ve all done some growing up since 2006, we’re just lucky our past can easily be erased by deleting our old MySpace accounts…

Bring Me The Horizon’s “Medicine”

Also check out “Mantra” off of “Amo”

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