Words / Photography by: Jerome Joyce

On Friday, January 25th, 2019 The Amity Affliction brought the “Misery Will Find You” Tour through Toronto with with support from the post-hardcore Legends Senses Fail metalcore up-and-comers Silent Planet and Belmont. The tour brought quite a dynamic range of genres to the Phoenix Concert Theatre which made for a very intriguing night.

Silent Planet, who are one of the most underrated metalcore bands in music today bring such a dynamic and powerful message with their music. Fans who are unfamiliar with them have quickly become fans after seeing these gents perform live.

Their seven song setlist was Heavy with the newest release, 2018’s “When The End Began” but still touched base with some of their classics for the familiar fans like myself. They were an absolute perfect start to my night.

Senses Fail, First hit my radar in the early 2000’s on the Taste of Chaos tour and caught my attention then now being 2019, I was fascinated to see them live and they have not missed a beat nor has James ” Buddy” Nielson slowed down one bit. The energy off that stage was infectious as they had the whole crowd involved early.

The 15 song set was heavily dedicated to the bands first two releases and finishing strong with a Rage Against the Machine, limp Bizkit, Disturbed and System of a down medley. Rad set all around!!

The Amity Affliction brought the weather with them!! They also lit the place up with a 14 song setlist based around their latest release, 2018’s Misery. Classics like “Open Letter”and ” Pittsburgh balanced the night out nicely.

High energy on stage resonated with the crowd, even the new fanbase who was there for Senses Fail got involved. Solid crowd involvement from the band capped this night off perfectly when they finished off with ” Fucked Up”. A great start to a great year of music!

Senses Fail Setlist:
Can’t Be Saved
Shark Attack
Lady in a Blue Dress
Double Cross
Family Tradition
War Paint
Calling All Cars
Gold Jacket, Green Jacket…
Negative Space
The Priest And The Matador
Elevator to the Gallows
Buried a Lie
Rum is for Drinking, Not for Burning
Bite to Break Skin
(with Chop Suey/Bodies/Break Stuff/Bulls on Parade medley interlude)

The Amity Affliction Setlist:
Drag the Lake
Ivy (Doomsday)
I Bring the Weather With Me
Holier Than Heaven
This Could Be Heartbreak
Shine On
Open Letter
Feels Like I’m Dying
Death’s Hand
Set Me Free
Don’t Lean On Me
Fucked Up

Silent Planet

Senses Fail

The Amity Affliction

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