CONCERT COVERAGE: YOB w/ VOIVOD | Phoenix Concert Theatre


Words / Photography by: Samantha Carcasole

Despite the horrible weather we had on Saturday, March 30th, 2019, The Phoenix Concert Theatre was buzzing with leather jackets and battle vests half way down the street. All anticipation was felt to see a killer lineup of variety including Amenra, Voivod and Yob.

Amenra was the first band to hit the stage, and they brought us something that was different and a treat to the eyes. They had a fantastic use of projectors that brought an even more dreary feel to their performance. They got the drony, gloomy, doomy sound down perfectly and I did not want their set to come to an end.  

After Amenra warmed up the audience, it was time for the heavy-metal-cyborg-slayers of Voivod to hit the stage and melt some faces. These guys have been around for 35 years, and their album The Wake just won the 2019 Juno award for Best Metal/Hard Rock Album of the Year.  Voivod has such a fast paced vibe, especially in comparison with the preceding band of the night. They had some fun and laughs with the audience, and it was obvious that they had no problem giving everything they had, and that they couldn’t be happier to be where they are.

Yob closed the show, and it was a performance I was really looking forward to. I managed to catch their set at The Mod Club sometime last year, and I was not disappointed to catch them again. This three piece has such a big sound that hit every wall and every person in the audience. There was something so captivating in their stage presence and in the way they played their music, that it was impossible to take your eyes off of the stage.



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