CONCERT COVERAGE: DREAM THEATER | The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts


Photography/Words by: Samantha Carcasole

On Thursday, April 4th, 2019 the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts was packed with metal-heads and prog-nerds from all over the city and beyond waiting to hear Dream Theater performing their Distance Over Time Tour. This tour marks the 20th anniversary of their album Metropolis Pt.2 Scenes From A Memory, which they played in its entirety throughout their second set of the night.

The band had a fittingly elaborate stage set up, boasting the biggest drum kit I have ever seen, and an even bigger sound. Though The Sony Centre is a seated venue, everyone was on their feet, hailing the almighty John Petrucci as he shred through their set, never missing a note.

Not surprisingly, emotions ran high throughout the second portion of the night, as all of Dream Theater’s songs on that album have a palpable intensity about them. It was no shock to see some fans in the crowd wiping tears from their eyes, particularly during their performance of “The Spirit Carries On”. James LaBrie’s incredible vocals were almost drowned out by the passionate fans’ singing along in unison.

Personally, this was one of the most important shows for me because I have had terrible luck over the years trying to catch Dream Theater, and I told myself there was no way in Hell I was missing it this time around. It was a magical show and night in general that I’d hoped would never end.

Dream Theater Setlist
Act 1:
Untethered Angel
A Nightmare to Remember
Fall Into the Light
Barstool Warrior
In the Presence of Enemies, Part I
Pale Blue Dot
Act 2: Metropolis Pt. 2 – Scenes From a Memory
Overture 1928
Strange Déjà Vu
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Beyond This Life
Through Her Eyes
The Dance of Eternity
One Last Time
The Spirit Carries On
Finally Free
Pull Me Under

Dream Theater

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