Photography / Words by: Michael Amaral

On Monday, April 8th 2019, Hatebreed stormed into Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall with their 25th Anniversary Tour. The stacked supporting lineup included Fit For An Autopsy, Terror, Cro-Mags and Obituary.
As the band rang in the set with fan-favourite “Empty Promises”, you couldn’t help but notice the huge smile on vocalist Jamey Jasta’s face as they played to an almost sold out crowd. Jasta also told a story from when the band old first started touring. Originally, the group had a lot of trouble booking gigs in Canada because they would have some problems crossing the border, but there was one guy who always wanted to help them out: Noel Peters from Inertia Entertainment.
After having worked with Peters and Inertia in Toronto for most of the band’s career, Jasta made sure the crowd gave a huge “thank you” to Peters for helping to support them. Twenty-five years after starting Hatebreed, it’s clear that they are still on top of their game and there’s no stopping them.
Hatebreed Set List:
Empty Promises
Looking Down The Barrel of Today
To The Threshold
Seven Enemies
Tear It Down
As Diehard As They Come
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Everyone Bleeds Now
Before Dishonor
Smash Your Enemies
Mind Over All
Last Breath
Live For This
This Is Now
Destroy Everything
A Call For Blood
I Will Be Heard




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