Words / Photography by: Jerome Joyce

1999, the year and new band called Black Label Society released their debut album, Sonic Brew. Fast forward 20 years and 10 albums later. We get to celebrate one of the most prolific metal bands and album releases in it’s entirety on the Black Label Society, Sonic Brewtality Tour.

The sold-out Opera House was packed with patched, black leather vests and Canadian chapter shirts to show their loyalty to one of the greatest metal guitarists of all time, Zakk Wylde. Rocking his signature kilt and denim, patched vest, the larger then life frontman tears through his debut release, track by track in dominant, impressive fashion. A cake to celebrate the 20th anniversary before the 3 song encore was a perfect way to wrap up the night…

Experiencing an icon in metal playing his monumental debut album in it’s entirety is explained with one word,legendary!

Black Label Society Setlist
Sonic Brew 20th Anniversary

Bored to Tears
The Rose Petalled Garden
Hey You (Batch of Lies)
Born to Lose
Peddlers of Death
Mother Mary
Beneath the Tree
Low Down
Lost My Better Half
Black Pearl
World of Trouble
Spoke in the Wheel
The Beginning… At Last

Black Label Society

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