Words/ Photography by: Marek Wielomski

On their headlining tour Knuckle Puck stopped by the Opera House in Toronto on May 12th with their friends in Oso Oso, HUNNY and Citizen they brought an amazing show. It was a show where everyone was going full force and bringing all the energy they had. Knuckle Puck is a pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois and with their high energy and deep lyrics they always seem to be able to not just get the crowd going but are able to get the crowd fully engaged. With every song that they played you saw crowd surfer after crowd surfer go up and you had moshpits that were getting the whole venue excited. The music seemed to have taken control of the crowd and it was as if they moved in unison. Know this personally because of how near the end just couldn’t help myself and left my camera on the side of the stage and ran into the moshpits. As the music took over, we all pushed and shoved as we sang the lyrics and there was this sense of shared love and passion you could feel. And as I went up and crowd surfed I could see the whole venue singing and loving every moment there. Knuckle Puck simply brought a powerful performance that to me was meaningful and from the crowds expressions and actions can tell it was meaningful to them as well.

As Knuckle Puck brought a powerful performance the same can be said about the opening bands. Starting off the night was Oso Oso and with their softer and slower melodies the night was started with such a blissful performance. Oso Oso brought so much passion on stage that when I turned around and looked in to the crowd in between taking pictures I saw how much joy the crowd had, their faces were lit up, and it was simply beautiful. When HUNNY came on stage it was a similar story, they may have a faster sound than Oso Oso but their upbeat melodies compliment Oso Oso quite well, so the joy the crowd had continued and with the next two bands having a more intense feel to them; HUNNY was a great choice to build up the excitement for the intense energy that was to come.

Before Knuckle Puck’s set we had Citizen come on stage. With Citizen’s slow and deep lyrics their set started of with the crowd being still and in trance with the feelings of the lyrics. However, a few seconds later as the intensity of the music overcoming the crowd you had moshpits forming and crowd surfers going up. It was at that moment where the night turned from a blissful night into a blissful intense night with overwhelming energy. As I stood back and looked around all I could see was how the whole venue from the people in the moshpits to the people in the seats upstairs were so excited and loving the energy that was building up. When Knuckle Puck came on stage the crowd was ready for the energy that they brought.

Overall the night was filled with powerful and emotional performances. With how each band thanked the crowd it was clear how grateful they were for everyone who came out and supported them that night. There was sense of love and passion for music felt from the crowd and the bands, it was mesmerizing seeing how everyone came together to make sure everyone has a good time. Wish all the bands a great rest of the tour, they gave Toronto a night to remember and am sure they will do the same throughout their tour.

Oso Oso



Knuckle Puck

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