Words/Photography by: Jerome Joyce

Influential ,industrial powerhouses, Combichrist roll through Lee’s Palace in Toronto on May 24th in support of their upcoming 9th studio album release, One Fire. Silver Snakes, an LA based industrial group are touring support while local superstars, Sumo Cyco are added to the night.

A perfect blend of aggressive darkness and grit by Silver Snakes mixed with high high energy , crowd interaction and all out fun from Sumo Cyco that got the crowd ready for what next.

A buzz from the crowd at the sold out Lee’s Palace rings over the dark, foggy desolate stage awaiting the powerhouse in all facets of the word, Andy LaPlegua and Combichrist. Shadows hit the stage to the eruption of the crowd which sets the tone for what would be an insane night of music. Crushing tracks new and old through a 14 track set was the absolute perfect way to get everyone in the place raging in the pit or off their asses, dancing and singing along!

Truly an amazing night of music and after hearing new material, I’m looking forward to the new release and many future shows to come.

Combichrist Setlist:
This Shit Will Fuck You Up (Intro)
Hate Like Me
Never Surrender
Shut Up and Swallow
Satan’s Propaganda
Guns at Last Dawn
Throat Full Of Glass
Exit Eternity
Can’t Control
Follow the Trail of Blood
No Redemption
Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood
What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?
Maggots At The Party

Sumo Cyco


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