Words by: Jerome Joyce
Photography by: Rick Beaulieu

When a band you love releases new music, it generates excitement especially for live music lovers like myself. This means that a tour isn’t far behind. Brighton, England’s Metalcore band, Architects announced the Holy Hell North American Tour with support from deathcore heavyweights, Thy Art Is Murder and England’s buzzsaws, While She Sleeps. My reaction to this announcement was “Holy Fucking Hell!!” which considering the tour name, was perfectly fitting.

The energy outside of The Danforth Music Hall for the first of two sold out dates on May 22nd & 23rd was unreal. The place was packed early and with good reason,
This lineup was stacked.

While She Sleeps started the night off right, ripping through a quick, high energy, pit raging, interactive set. To see a packed house singing along with the first opener is a clear indication that we’re in for one hell of a night.

Thy Art Is Murder had become the wildcard of this tour for myself as Nick Lewis of Molotive Solution was filling in for the remainder of the run as frontman CJ McMahon flew home earlier in the week to become a father. The dynamic was slightly off as CJ’s stage presence is a huge aspect of the bands live performance but musically, they were Insanely tight and considering the circumstances, extremely impressive.

The buzz and anticipation for the headliner, “Architects” was electrifying. Bright white flare strobes silhouette the band as they hit the stage. Sam looking all snazzy in his floral patterned dress shirt starts off the 16 song night with “___” and the crowd keeping pace, singing along with every word all set long.

It’s rare when such high expectations of a show are met but tonight was different.. They were easily exceeded and I was left blown away by how insanely visually and musically amazing this night was … So much so I went and searched for a ticket to take in a little more the following night!

Architects setlist :
Death Is Not Defeat
Modern Misery
Phantom Fear
Holy Hell
Royal Beggars
Mortal After All
These Colours Don’t Run
A Match Made in Heaven
Gone With the Wind

Thy Art is Murder



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