Words by: Jeanette Cruickshank
Photography by: Jerome Joyce

On Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th Alexisonfire took over Budweiser Stage for two nights of pure insanity, the first one of that being a completely sold out show! And holy shit, was Toronto ever pumped! These shows came immediately after our very own Toronto Raptors won the NBA finals, so the crowd was still in full-on party mode. Luckily for us, Jeanette and Jerome were there to catch the first night of it all.

It was humid, sweaty and raining and all of this made for a perfect foggy landscape view of the city that could be enjoyed perfectly from the lawns (where the party’s at).  The night was kicked off by newcomers from Dundas, Ontario, The Dirty Nil (who a lot of fans we’re stoked about and familiar with), and Glassjaw.  Each band brought a totally different style as fans flooded toward the stage.

“Let’s go Raptors!” chants introduced the band on stage and also brought out the Toronto Raptors mascot to get everyone even more jazzed as they started opening with “Accidents”.

The energy was amazing and with this feeling like a hometown show for the band, there were thousands of long-term listeners standing in the crowd feeling like proud parents watching their babies take over the big stage. Guitarist Wade MacNeil took a moment to say “If a band from St. Catherine’s can sell out Budweiser Stage and the Toronto Raptors can win the championship, you can do anything you want!” and that was all the motivation anyone needed to hear!

All in all, these shows felt like a big deal for anyone who made it out. You got to watch an incredible live band play every song you could have wanted to hear and you also ran into all the cool kids you went to high school with. It was a SOLID time.

Alexisonfire’s Setlist:
Pulmonary Archery
Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints
Boiled Frogs
Side Walk When She Walks (Stripped down and shortened)
Rough Hands
Old Crows
Waterwings (and Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas)
We Are the Sound
To a Friend
The Northern
Familiar Drugs
.44 Caliber Love Letter
Dog’s Blood
This Could Be Anywhere in the World
Little Girls Pointing and Laughing
Young Cardinals
Happiness by the Kilowatt

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