Photography by: Mac Downey
Words By: Jason Byrne

On Thursday, June 20, 2019, Death Cab for Cutie appeared at RBC’s Echo Beach in Toronto, Ontario, accompanied by lead singer Ben Gibbard’s former bandmate, Jenny Lewis. The Atlantic may not have been born today, but with the rain in Ontario this summer, it certainly feels like it was. Thankfully everyone in attendance was prepared with ponchos and raincoats, and allowed the unpleasant weather to create an ideal atmosphere for Death Cab For Cuties iconic indie rock style.

The evening began with a performance from Jenny Lewis, a former member of The Postal Service with Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard. Jenny Lewis’s distinct combination of indie rock and alternative country provided a perfect opening for fans of Death Cab for Cutie, and any who weren’t familiar with her work will surely be changing that. Gibbard and Lewis also performed a one-song encore of “Nothing Better” for fans of The Postal Service which was met with a roaring applause.

In fact, as fantastic as the show was, it may have been the encore that really brought the most life into the crowd. Every fan of Death Cab for Cutie is familiar with the hit song from their 2005 record Plans, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark,” and this performance proved the validity of that statement, as every single person in attendance sang along with Ben, despite the abysmal weather conditions.

In August of 2018, Death Cab For Cutie released their latest album Thank You For Today, which had the greatest presence on this setlist, and demonstrated that they haven’t lost their penchant for writing poignant yet fun lyrical hooks and brought a live performance that just can’t be matched by an album recording. I had a wonderful time, and Death Cab has ensured that I’ll be in attendance the next time they’re in town, which, ideally, would be when the sun is out.

Death Cab For Cutie

Jenny Lewis

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