Words / Photography by: Jerome Joyce

The recent trend in band touring has been the anniversary of an album release, being played in it’s entirety. This has been quite amazing as there’s been so many outstanding albums released in the metal, metalcore genre. Constellations by Pennsylvania based AUGUST BURNS RED has always been a standout release for myself as it’s one of the reasons I got back into listening to metalcore as a genre. Tonight at Toronto’s REBEL, I had the pleasure of seeing this release played from start to finish and I couldn’t be more pumped.

LA based SILENT PLANET who are tops on my list and Burlington, Ontario’s SILVERSTEIN who I’ve been following since the release of Discovering the Waterfront in the early 2000’s makes for an almost dream lineup in my opinion.

SILENT PLANET kicked off the night with some serious fire. Still unknown to many but slowly making a name for themselves, the Cali natives ripped a solid 30 minute set getting the crowd involved early. Garrett Russell, the vocalist thanks the crowd for showing up early and giving his band their time which in his eyes means everything. “Money and material things can be replaced but your time can’t and we appreciate you giving us the time” such a simple message with such a huge impact. Amazing band to start off the night.

The crowd started to amp up to a higher level as the homegrown heroes of the metalcore, emo genre, SILVERSTEIN took the stage. Seeing fathers and/or older brothers attending shows with younger kids is what the growth of music is all about and the Burlington natives catered to all in attendance by playing a solid mix of tracks spanning their lengthy career. With great stage presence between all members you can tell the band still loves what they’re doing till this day. During their set, vocalist Shane Told starts a “Let’s Go Raptors” chant since it’s the first time the band has been home since the monumental victory for the city. SILVERSTEIN was a great local feel and addition to this stacked lineup and got the crowd ready for what they came for, the mighty ABR!

Taking the stage to what felt like a a loud speaker buzz in the room was surreal. The magnitude of the crowd’s energy actually stopped the fine security gents in yellow from allowing us photo goons into the pit to start the set. After getting the clearance, I got the chance to get up close and capture the energy of whom I consider the best front man in metalcore, Jake Luhrs.

Jake’s stage presence is unmatched in the genre and could easily give any frontman a run for his money. What makes this night unique is there’s no surprises setlist wise. Fans came ready knowing that this album was a repeated throat punch track after track with zero recovering for the first 4 songs and having a lighters high recovery moment during “Marianas Trench” to catch their breath before getting crushed again. The night just got better and better as ABR captivated the room.

Moments like this are what seeing live music is all about and to see whom I consider the best all around metalcore band playing the album that changed how I listened to music is truly special and one I will always look back on and appreciate.

August Burns Red’s Setlist:
Thirty and Seven
Ocean of Apathy
White Washed
Marianas Trench
The Escape Artist
Drum Solo
Invisible Enemy

Silent Planet


August Burns Red

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