Words/Photography by: Marek Wielomski

It started with a quiet empty beach and ended with circlepits, crowd surfers and amazing music filling up Echo Beach on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019. Rockstar Disrupt Fest was a night worth experiencing. It is a new rock music festival in its first year that’s currently touring North America and while it stopped by in Toronto it certainly left its mark. That day eleven bands came together to bring such energy, love, passion and excitement to the day. The whole day had this feeling of connectedness when it came to music. Regardless of who you are, where you’re from and what you do, we all were there because of how much music means to us all.

Each music festival is unique in it’s own little way, the one thing that seems to make Disrupt Fest unique is how focused it is on the music itself. Some music festivals have other events going on, parties, competitions, so many different things to appease the differing tastes people have. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but here there was one stage, one band playing at a time and nothing else. Some may think that people maybe got bored or would lose interest, but all day people were laser focused on the main stage. The vibe that surrounded the stage as every band played was phenomenal. It was unbelievably hot that day, your drinks would get hot in minutes and if you were like me and forgot to put on sunscreen you burned so bad, but none of that mattered cause from the start till the end people went full throttle. At times there were three large circle pits going, as people crowd surfed and sang their hearts out. So despite some things you’d think would slow the festival down the night went out so well.

As the festival tours throughout North America the acts change from stop to stop. So that day the list of bands included; Hyro the Hero, Juliet Simms, Trophy Eyes, Four Year Strong, Memphis May Fire, Sleeping with Sirens, Atreyu,The Story So Far, Circa Survive, Thrice and The Used. All these bands vary in genres, styles and experience, though those differences don’t divide them it connects them. As I was taking photos and being by the stage in between sets could see how the bands would come together to watch, support and help out in anyway they could. The love and dedication they have for each other was amazing to see. As well, have to say how each and every band put on an amazing performance. The love for what they do was so obvious and beautiful to watch. May have it been Hyro the Hero jumping off the huge speakers in the blistering heat, Atreyu going insane with their stage presence, Thrice going hard with their guitar solos or The Used with their classic sound, there was no lack of amazement throughout the day. Was constantly mesmerized as the bands played and when I would look into the crowd saw thousands of people who I could tell were unbelievably amazed by what they were experiencing. In short, it certainly was a day to remember.

Hyro The Hero

Juliet Simms

Trophy Eyes

Four Year Strong

Memphis May Fire

Sleeping with Sirens


The Story So Far

Circa Survive


The Used

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