CONCERT COVERAGE: 3TEETH + GUESTS | Velvet Underground, Toronto

Words/ Photography by: Jason Habtwold

To all metal fans and industrial metal fans alike, California industrial metal band, 3TEETH finally came by to Toronto after their one-year collaborative tour with New Jersey rap-rock duo Ho99o9; and this time, they decided to experiment with this tour with industrial up-and-coming acts like Nailbiter and Author and Punisher. After releasing their third project this year entitled, Metawar, the band performed at one of those intimate venues in Toronto, on July 29th, 2019, at the Velvet Underground. Little did you know that they performed at the same venue on their previous tour last year, and it was an exciting moment for fans that they go back to the same venue again for that intimacy and great venue space. The show started with a small crowd, but as Nailbiter arrived, it became much bigger and everyone started to vibe out.

Nailbiter is a one-man piece who is more industrial/garage EDM than industrial metal, and his set mainly revolves around heavy one-take bass drops and strong patterns with drum and bass. A lot of people were vibing to the act and engaging through his set by freestyle dancing and vivid headbanging. His style mainly ranges from quick tempo drum and bass to more instrumental industrial EDM from time to time. He manages to use only one setup, which is his mixer and audio player, where he delivers the bass drops while managing to balance the audio player. Overall, it was unique and very satisfying for an industrial EDM act.

Up next, Author and Punisher is another one-man industrial act with much more rock instrumental style than an EDM style, and this act uses a different of instrumentation to perform for the industrial-loving crowd. He uses a two-set industrial sound system, which is sort of like a mix cutter, in which the hard-hitting drum and bass beats with other styles. He brings a strong performance by holding the right mixer, which drops the bass and does a drum pattern, and he uses his industrial mic which provides both auto-tune and deep bass for his vocals, to give it that industrial rock flare. He seems to manage to perform it very well, and he gives a variety of great melodies and intricate lyrics to give that soothing industrial style to the crowd.

He also enlists strobe lighting and unique light patterns to give the emotion on how he feels, whether it would be very bright or dark. He also stomps on the ground to give beat count and brings a deep emotion whenever he performs. The crowd seemed to enjoy the performance by dancing around and bobbing their heads around and moving their bodies to get that feeling in their system, which is something enjoyed. Overall, this set was also astonishing too.

As Author and Punisher finished, everyone else came to the front to see 3TEETH perform. Once the stage smoke cleared out, all members of 3TEETH came through and performed a variety of great tracks like Divine Weapon, Affluenza, Exxxit, as well as classics like American Landfill and X-Day. The industrial metal five-piece band brought unique energies and a strong passion to perform well, especially with lead singer, Alexis Mincolla, and his role in performing. They manage to have great chemistry with each other and establish a great relationship whenever they performed. Alexis also thanked their Canadian fans, as well as acknowledging their international fans who came from different countries to see this show, like Brazil and Mexico, in which there is a great relationship between the fans and the band.

Everyone in the crowd seemed to enjoy their performance and they vibed along with the performance with a lot of headbanging and dancing. The atmosphere of the show was so intimate that it was very easy for the band to acknowledge their fans and see that they are passionate about the same things that they are interested in, which is the love of their music and having a strong agreement with political issues. As for their encore, the band performed one of their cult classics, President X, and the crowd went purely crazy for the track and the passion the band had when they performed it. In short, this show was a strong recommendation to all lovers of rock and metal that industry metal is still a unique form of metal and that the creativity that these artists’ portray is something to acknowledge and value when it comes to the growth of rock and metal.


Author & Punisher


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