Twin Evil : Hell Never Dies Tour brings two of our modern day shock rock stars together, under one roof. The infamous Marilyn Manson and the crazy, twisted, mind of Rob Zombie. Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario was in for a treat and after traveling 3 hours to be there, I was ready as well.

Playing my sisters “Portrait of an American Family” cassette, released in 94 was when I became a Manson fan. Seeing him live for the first time during the “Mechanical Animals” tour in 98 was the first time I saw the modern day Alice Cooper live and I haven’t changed course since.
Fast forward 21 years later and the excitement to see Manson live still remains. The presentation has switched from Corsets to Button up vests, blood smeared across his face to blue paint and glitter but he is still the same beautiful disaster he was back then. With costume changes to podium and stilts (not used this night) his unpredictable, dominant and lurking stage presence still remains. His 11 track set this tour was slightly altered from most I’ve seen as he only covered 3 songs from the 90s era . ” The Beautiful People” was his Encore track so leaving his fans waiting for his most beloved track was in fact, true Manson.

The Modern day legend of Horror is Rob Zombie. From 25 years of shows, countless gut wrenching movies and top tier theatrics, I finally get to see this creative mind at work. John 5, his lead guitarist and former Manson member hits the stage first starting off ” Dead City Radio and the New Gods Of Supertown” with Ginger fish and Piggy D right behind him. With a black tassel leather jacket, Zombie hits the stage to tear through a 13 song set covering new and old tracks, 3 White Zombie songs and two covers, The Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop” and The Beatles “Helter Skelter” joined on stage by Manson.

Zombie is a true performer in every facet. Big screens playing movie clips and video clips over his career, big lights and stage theatrics from dancing devils and robots to giant beach balls thrown into the crowd. The energy he has on stage is unmatched. Constant interaction throughout the show, wandering the crowd while John 5 shredded his solo and just sheer enjoyment throughout the whole set.
The reason we go see live music is to have a great time with friends, family and appreciation for the artist you enjoy and support. Rob Zombie gives you full value for your dollar. If you haven’t seen him live, add it to the list .. He is a must see!



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