Words and Photography by: Sabrina Città

On Sunday August 25th , 2019 all the way from Melbourne Australia psychedelic acid rock band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard braced the stage of Rebel in Toronto. I was very excited to be seeing them again, I had seen them back in 2017 for the first time and they were amazing, absolutely blew me away so I knew I was in for another treat, and boy was I right.

The seven-piece band including two drummers kicked off the show with one of their newest hits “Self – Immolate” which is off of their recent 2019 album “Infest The Rats’ Nest”, in this song you can hear that the band is exploring more of their metal side, but still embracing their psychedelic acid rock roots. The colourful psychedelic lights and backdrops took over the stage and created the perfect backdrop for the band and embraced and enhanced the music. It was like you were experiencing some sort of live acid trip watching their energetic performance, eclectic high kick jumping dancing moves, in sync double piece drummers and all the colours engulfing the stage.

They played an amazing seventeen song set list which covered a variety of their discography that definitely pleased their fans and the packed sold out crowd at Rebel. They blew the roof off and I can’t wait until they come back again so I can see them for a third time!

1. Self-Immolate
2. Organ Farmer
3. Crumbling Castle
4. The Fourth Colour
5. Tezeta
6. The Bird Song
7. Work This Time
8. Open Water
9. Doom City
10. Nuclear Fusion
11. Cyboogie
12. Real’s Not Real
13. Gamma Knife
14. People-Vultures
15. Mars for the Rich
16. Perihelion
17. Am I in Heaven? (15-min medley with ‘Boogieman Sam’, ‘Hot Water’, ‘Rattlesnake’, ‘Head On/Pill’ & ‘Alter Me’)


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