Words / Photography by: Joshua Habtwold

A sold-out crowd flocked to Toronto’s own Mod Club Theatre on August 29th, ready for what was dubbed “a night of revitalizing modern-day metal” with two of the most current new-age metal bands of this century, Northlane and Erra. In a whirlwind of performers stage diving, crowd surfs, heavy bass drops, and lots of non-stop headbanging, Northlane and Erra pretty much live up to their name, as they are finishing up their 2019 North American co-headlining tour, with openers like Japan-based band Crystal Lake and Connecticut-based band Currents.

Crystal Lake, a Japanese band from Tokyo, came to perform a variety of tracks, including “6 Feet Under”, “Hail to the Fire”, “Machina”, “Apollo”, and much more. Ryo Kinoshita, the lead singer for the band, brought an interesting sound with his vocals, in which he deepens it to have an industry metal-type sound, The band also wanted people to crowd surf and make as much circles pits as much as possible, in which everyone did. Initiating the show well with great stage energy, as well as a stellar performance, through orchestration and Ryo’s delivery from verse to verse, another interesting aspect of the show was how a variety of the members were diving down the stage, in which it made the metal rock experience a much soothing one, for their fans and themselves.

Next up, Fairfield, CT-band Currents came to perform various tracks from their new and older projects for their fans, such as “Into Despair”, “Apnea”, “The Rope”, “Night Terrors”, and so forth. Brian Wille, the lead singer for the band, is a man of great passion and a stellar vocal range. He managed to perform quite well and he brought so much energy whenever he performed. He also deepened his voice, quite well, based on the Fracture WMD sound system for their guitars, and how he incorporated his vocals to match with the orchestration of the other members. The other members also delivered a quick sharp tempo with their instrumental performance and manage to be in sync with the lead as well. The crowd seemed to enjoy their set well and managed to headbang and rage much well with the bans also.

Finally, Birmingham, AL-based band Erra came by to perform lots of songs for their fans and concluded that they love performing in Ontario and that they were happy that the show was sold out. With the various tracks that they performed, such as “Irreversible”, “Dream Catcher”, “Ghost of Nothing”, “Orchid”, “Drift”, and much more, the fans were amazed that they brought great classics for them to perform. What was interesting about their set was that the stage setup was amazing since they had three short risers for the members to stand and stomp during the bass drops, as well as getting a better view of all their fans to perform.

J.T. Cavey, the stellar unclean vocalist, as well with Jesse Cash, the guitarist/clean vocalist mixed and matched on how they did their songs based on the track since Jesse brings more of a melodic, pop-punk sound while J.T. just only initiates with his unclean, metal sound. Jesse also gave a decent amount of guitar solos, something that the fans enjoyed very much. Lots of people in the crowd also crowd surfed a lot and managed to have a great time with their set. The orchestration and the delivery of their sound were set at an all-time high and the crowd was much amazed by their performance.

Just after their set and while Northlane was about to perform, the fire alarm was going off and everyone had to leave the venue. Due to the show being sold out and the number of people inside, it was very worthwhile and hard for everyone to get out of the building, and it took a while for the fire department to get here. Fans speculated that the sweaty, unclean stench of a fan set off the alarm, while others speculated that the fire alarm was pulled. Turns out, it was only a false alarm, either based on the stage smoke setting it off too much, or the stench of the fans, but Northlane managed to perform and close off the show in a great way.

Northlane’s Setlist:
Talking Heads
Details Matter
Quantum Flux


Crystal Lake


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