Words / Photography by: Sabrina Citta

To kick off the Labour day long weekend Bob Moses and Phantogram co-headlined at The Danforth Music Hall on Friday August 30th, 2019. Bob Moses consisting of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance who are a Canadian electronic duo from Vancouver, BC had a bit of a homecoming being in Toronto, they began the show with “Heaven Only Knows”.  The blue and red lighting really set the mood for their soulful, emotional, vocal performance. Later on in the set they stunned the audience with their amazing cover of Prodigy’s song “Breathe”, and concluded their set with their Grammy Award winning hit “Tearing Me Up”.

After Bob Moses had left the stage Phantogram were set to perform. They are an American duo from New York with Josh Carter on vocals and guitar and Sarah Barhtel on vocals and keyboards. They consider themselves electronic rock and dream pop. The Danforth Music Hall suddenly began to fill up with a light fog from smoke machines and then we started to notice a shadow of two people at the back of the stage. Lights began to flicker and you could see the outline of Sarah and Josh standing on a platform at the back of the stage. They began to sing and kicked off the show with “News Today”.  Both Sarah and Josh brought their energetic and powerful performances while continuously dancing, moving and singing across the stage.  The backdrop of the stage had some interesting patterned lighting which gave that dream like feel to their performance.

Both Bob Moses and Phantogram put on killer sets and their music complemented each other beautifully. Such a perfect set of musicians to co-headline this tour.

Bob Moses Setlist

Heaven Only Knows
Back Down
Nothing but You
Eye for an Eye
Enough to Believe
Like It or Not
Listen To Me
Breathe(Prodigy cover)
All I Want
Tearing Me Up


Phantogram Setlist

News Today
Black Out Days
Run Run Blood
Don’t Move
You Don’t Get Me High Anymore
Mouthful of Diamonds
Into Happiness
You Are the Ocean
Howling at the Moon
Gaunt Kids
Calling All
Cruel World
Mister Impossible
Fall in Love


When I’m Small

Bob Moses


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