Words / Photography by: Jerome Joyce 

On Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 Rancid took over Echo Beach in Toronto with support from Pennywise and The English Beat.

Punk music was a genre I gravitated to at an early age, where the no bullshit, no fucks given, live life on your own terms mentality was something I believed in and still do to this day. Listening to the pioneers like the Clash, Sex Pistols, MC5  and the Ramones were part of my life but it was Rancid who captivated me growing up. The grungy, raspy voice of Tim Armstrong was what originally caught my attention along with the bands visual appearance. I grew up a metal and punk kid. Hanging out downtown on the streets with the skids for hours was part of my weekend routine with my sister so the culture was something I was familiar with. They made me feel at home music wise and till this day, are still prevalent in my music catalog.

The first classic punk complication “PUNK -O-RAMA”  released in 1994 was when I first heard “Open Door” by the Cali punk band Pennywise, off their debut release in 1991 and I’ve been a fan ever since.

The icing on the cake for this night was the addition of Branden Steineckert to Rancid, formerly of my fav Screamo /post Hardcore band, ” The Used”. I haven’t seen this lineup together so I was beyond stoked for this night to begin.

Pennywise hit the stage and crushed REBEL with a 15 song set. 3 songs off Thier debut release, covers by” Minor Threat”,  “Bad Religion” and “Ben King” and songs off each studio release. The crowd was amped and the pit got bigger and bigger with each song. Seeing a band of this magnitude get shit rolling was more then a treat to be a part of and experience. One would assume the energy would die down between sets but that wasn’t the case. The diehard Rancid fans were in full force and the anticipation grew with each passing minute.

A clockwork orange style Tim Armstrong backdrop sat patiently waiting their arrival. Lars followed by Branden and Matt hit the stage first and the crowd goes apeshit!! Tim rocking his grungy ass beard takes the mic and the boys lay down a solid 22 track set in true Rancid fashion, covering classics from their self titled EP ‘Rancid’, 4 off ” Out Came The Wolves” and touched on each project after.

In my eyes, these dudes are legends, punk icons and bands like this are why I do what I do now! Take no bullshit, live live on my terms and enjoy every damn moment when I’m doing what I love. Thank you guys!

Same Old Story
Perfect People
Fight Till You Die
(Intro) As Long As We Can
My Own Country
Violence Never Ending
Minor Threat (Minor Threat cover) (Justin Sane from Anti-Flag on vocals)
Do What You Want (Bad Religion cover)
Live While You Can
Fuck Authority
Stand by Me (Ben E. King cover)
Bro Hymn

Roots Radicals
Journey to the End of the East Bay
Maxwell Murder
The 11th Hour
Last One to Die
East Bay Night
Dead Bodies
Ghost of a Chance
Telegraph Avenue
Black & Blue
Old Friend
Where I’m Going
Olympia WA
It’s Quite Alright
Fall Back Down
Something in the World Today
Time Bomb
Ruby Soho



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