Live Music & Food? Together?! Sounds like a quality day. That’s exactly what Matty Matheson thought, presented it to the team at live nation and here we are, “MATTVFEST” What started off as a jam with local bands playing for buds in the basement of Parts & Labour, the restaurant owned by Matty was where it was originally created.

Fast forward a couple years, hand selected food trucks and bands makes this festival pretty damn unique.
From the eclectic mix of local talent to classic punk rockers, The Descendants, gypsy punks Gogol Bordello to the 36 chambers of the fucking Wu-Tang Clan .. This day is stacked!!

Two stages with with music all day, local talent serving up delicious plates from all over the world, and a vibe around the venue that was chill, relaxed and fun to be involved in .. For a first time event, this was run extremely well!

Small changes could’ve be made with regards to how it was run, for ex. MATTVBUCKS, the currency used to purchase food items from the vendors was a late addition added after sales were live for the event. This in my opinion effected sales for this event because no cash was accepted for food. This could easily be corrected and improved on. My only issue was the minimum purchase amount required. For an single individual attending like myself, it was a bit steep price point wise when they were only used for food, and the tickets couldn’t be used towards beverages. Offering a smaller amount to purchase or the option to use them as drink tickets would easily correct that issue and improve sales.

All things considered, it was a wicked day to be a part of and I’m more then stoked to see how this event grows moving forward. Fun day at Echo Beach!!


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