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Photos and Review by MICHAEL AMARAL

Tool stopped in Toronto, ON for two shows at the ScotiaBank Arena with support from 80’s English industrial rock band Killing Joke.

The first of the two shows was Monday, November 11th in the midst of the GTA’s first snow storm of the winter season and that did not stop Tool fans from filling the Arena. One thing you must know about Tool is that they do not allow cellphone photos/videos to be taken at their shows. So getting a photo pass for the first song of the night was quite the honour.

Killing Joke took the stage and warmed the crowd up with their amps cranked to what sounded like Spinal Taps infamous Marshall amps that went to 11. Playing 10 songs just under thirty minutes the crowd was ready for Tool.

After a short change over, Tool hit the stage just before 9pm with drummer Danny Carry sporting a Toronto Raptors Jersey. The first song of the night was the title track of their long awaited (13 years) follow up to 10,000 Days “Fear Inoculum”.

With Adam Jones (guitar) and Justin Chancellor (bass) standing in front of the drums on stage Maynard James Keenan (vocals) had two platforms on any either side of Danny. The visual aspect of the show was absolutely stunning. There was a giant LED screen behind the stage, as well as hundreds of lights and lasers that took the whole concert experience to a different level.

Blasting into older tunes like “Ænema”, “Parabola” and “Schism”, the band also threw in a couple new songs. “Jambi” had a nice surprise that featured an extra long keyboard solo from Killing Joke’s keyboardist Roi Robertson.

At one point during the almost two hour performance, Maynard asked the crowd to do some math. He wanted to know how many fans attending the show were under the age of 30. With more than half the crowd raising their hands he made a note that the majority of the crowd hasn’t been born yet. The song they played was “Intolerance” off their first full length album “Undertow”. I did some research and the last time Tool played this song in Toronto was in 1994.

The final song of the night was one of the bands biggest hits “Stinkfist” off their album “Ænema”. Before the song started, Maynard told the nearly sold out crowd that he was officially lifting the “no cellphone” ban and let the entire crowd film them performing the song.

Fear Inoculum
Jambi (Keyboard solo by Roi Robertson of Killing Joke)
Forty Six & 2

Chocolate Chirp Trip
(-) Ions



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