Cannibal Corpse with Thy Art is Murder and Perdition Temple

The Opera House, Toronto ON| 11.15.2019 | Photos and Review by Sabrina Città


On Friday November 15, 2019 Perdition Temple, Thy Art is Murder and Cannibal Corpse played a SOLD OUT show at The Opera House in Toronto.


The show began with Perdition Temple taking the stage, they’re a black/death metal band that formed in 2009 from Tampa, Florida. They started off the show with “Plague Camp” and ended it with “Goddess In Death” definitely amping up the crowd for the bands to follow.

Next, Thy Art Is Murder, an Australian deathcore band from Sydney, Australia that formed in 2006 hit the stage. Last time they were here was in May 2019 when they had opened up for Architects, but many fans were disappointed as their lead singer and front man CJ McMahon was not in attendance because him and his wife just had a baby boy. But he was here this time around and definitely did not disappoint. His vocals were insane and absolutely on point throughout the entire performance. They kicked off their set with “Death Squad Anthem”. CJ had mentioned he was not dressed appropriately for our cold weather and had gotten sick, you could hear chuckles from the audience as he continued to say that he hoped to finish the set without vomiting on stage from his illness. He did just that and ripped through the rest of the songs and finished it off with, “Puppet Master”.


Then, who everyone had been waiting for, the headlining act Cannibal Corpse took to the stage. They have been around since the 80’s and are said to be the pioneers of death metal, which is evident in their epic performance. Lead singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher began the show with his iconic windmill hair twirling and head banging and continued to do this pretty much through the entire night, at moments in the show the other band members would all head bang in unison. They started their performance off with the hit “Code of the Slashers”. Everyone in the audience was howling, crowd surfing, losing their shoes, head banging and moshing throughout the evening to these iconic tunes. Someone had pointed out that Ahren Stringer the bassist of Amity Affliction, who is a huge Cannibal Corpse fan, was on stage left while Cannibal Corpse was performing. As the show came closer to the end George toyed with the audience and asked if they wanted him to play more than the one song he had left, of course everyone cheered yes and then he said “TOO BAD, THIS IS THE LAST SONG”. After that song had finished he said to the audience “GUESS WHAT, I LIED” and played 3 more songs finishing off the evening with their 1993 hit “Hammer Smashed Face” also part of the epic scene in the movie Ace Ventura (1994). As the show came to an end, fans were definitely not disappointed with the energetic and gritty performances of the evening.



Perdition Temple Set List:

  1. Plague Camp
  2. Testament to Annihilation
  3. The Tempter’s Victorious
  4. To Bleed at War
  5. Goddess In Death


Thy Art is Murder Set List:

  1. Death Squad Anthem
  2. Make America Hate Again
  3. Fur and Claw
  4. Slaves Beyond Death
  5. Holy War
  6. No Absolution
  7. Human Target
  8. The Son of Misery
  9. New Gods
  10. Reign of Darkness
  11. Puppet Master


Cannibal Corpse Set List:

  1. Code of the Slashers
  2. Only One Will Die
  3. Red Before Black
  4. Scourge of Iron
  5. Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead
  6. The Wretched Spawn
  7. Devoured by Vermin
  8. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
  9. Gutted
  10. Kill or Become
  11. A Skull Full of Maggots
  12. Evisceration Plague
  13. Firestorm Vengeance
  14. Death Walking Terror
  15. I Cum Blood
  16. Make Them Suffer
  17. Stripped, Raped and Strangled
  18. Hammer Smashed Face





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