Photography by: Sabrina Citta
Review By: Jason Byrne

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, New Found Glory appeared at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, on their From The Screen To Your Stereo tour accompanied by Jetty Bones, Free Throw, and Hawthorne Heights.

Starting the show was alt-pop artist Kelc Galluzzo, better known as Jetty Bones, who in seconds turned this reviewer into a fan. A combination of strong melodies and gritty rock elevated her sound to a unique level, one that really makes her stand out in both alternative rock and indie-pop music circles.

Following Jetty Bones were Free Throw, a band who showed the audience that emo music is alive and well. While still a younger band comparatively, Free Throw demonstrated tonight that their sound was meant for a large stage, and I expect we’ll continue to see them grow over the next few years.

The third opening band was Hawthorne Heights, famously known for their 2004 song “Ohio Is For Lovers.” Those who were present in the early to late 2000s “emo” scene are surely familiar with this song, a fact the band is aware of, as they sold a shirt that stated “I listened to Hawthorne Heights in High School.” Nevertheless the band put on an excellent performance, and it seems everyone in attendance remembered that their heart is still in Ohio.

Finally, New Found Glory took the stage. If there is anyone who embodies the silliness and absurdity of the pop punk scene, New Found Glory front man Jordan Pundik is that man. Performing a set largely comprised of cover songs, Jordan took the liberty of preparing not one, but four separate costumes each relating to a pop culture reference tied to the song, including Elsa from Frozen for a cover of “Let It Go” and Marty McFly from Back To The Future for a cover of “Power of Love.” Fun was in no short supply tonight and the energetic performance of New Found Glory never ceases to keep its audience ready to dance. According to lead guitarist Chad Muska, the set list was changed just for this leg of the tour, and given every song had the crowd moving, it’s clear their changes were a massive success.




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