CONCERT COVERAGE: CHELSEA WOLFE | Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto



Photography / Words by: Jerome Joyce

Beauty among the darkness! American singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe brought her 2019 world tour in celebration of her latest release, Birth of Violence to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto on October 26th, 2019.

Where do I start with this set?! A dark stage awaited her arrival with what looks like a rose thorn crown worn in the crucifiction images of Jesus Christ circling her microphone stand.

Slowly flowing out onto the stage in a white gown was Chelsea, silhouetted with two white spotlights and a soft mist of smoke surrounding her, she took her podium. The rose crown lit up and created a visual image of a ceremonial Salem Witch burning.

Already hooked by the visual display, the most amazing harmony filled the theatre. The power and range displayed by Chelsea was truly mesmerizing and quite surreal.

The 18 track set was heavily dedicated to her new release and was absolutely flawless in all aspects. The lighting was perfectly created to match the music. The stage was eerie, yet beautiful and standing centre stage in shadows was this porcelain doll, gentle glowing among the soft reflections of the stage lights.

This was by far my favourite show of the year and left me feeling so many emotions. A truly remarkable set by Chelsea Wolfe. Bravo!

Chelsea Wolfe Setlist:

American Darkness
Birth of Violence
The Mother Road
Be All Things
Cousins of the Antichrist
Pale on Pale
Night of the Vampire
(Roky Erickson cover)
Deranged for Rock & Roll
Dirt Universe
Little Grave
(Joni Mitchell cover)
Preface to a Dream Play

The Way We Used To

Chelsea Wolfe

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