CONCERT COVERAGE: HELLYEAH | Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto

Photography / Words by: Joshua Habtwold

On Tuesday November 19th 2019, every metalhead and punk fanatic came by to Toronto’s east end to the Phoenix Concert Theatre to enjoy a multitude of headbanging metal and the celebration of life as Dallas, TX-based heavy metal  band HELLYEAH, step up to their Canadian fans through celebrating the life of late drummer Vinnie Paul as they perform a mixture between tracks off their new album, Welcome Home, and cult classics for their day one fans. The band also brought along Fort Lauderdale band NonPoint and Grand Rapids, MI band DeepFall. Fans came from all backgrounds and cultures as they wore jean-crested vests with their all-black attire to enjoy the night away.

DeepFall, a band from Grand Rapids, Michigan hit the stage to perform some unique songs for the fans. Their enticing orchestration and radical metal style brought a lot of headbangs, chill vibes and static energies whenever they performed. Lead singer Rich Hopkins performed very well with his vocals and managed to sway the crowd with quite a few songs, including an emotional metal ballad called “Monster”. Taylor Brandt (Bass), Max Carrillo (Guitar), and Anthony Battista (Guitar) actually managed to perform quite well and brought a unique style to their performance. The band infused a variety of genres to their style including nu-metal, progressive metal, hardcore punk, and dark metal to their songs. All members actually engaged quite well with their stage presence, participation, and other factors as well. Each rift and solo also demonstrated a unique style to how it is performed and how melodic and dark the lyrics and orchestration worked out. The band ended their set with a song called M.F.K.S. (Voices of the Broken), and it was very astounding to hear it live and well-performed.

Fort Lauderdale, FL heavy metal band NonPoint started off quite well when they performed tracks such as “Breaking Skin”, “Chaos” and “Earthquake”, and “Dodge Your Destiny”. As well, the band brought as much energy as they could for their fans to enjoy. They brought a unique punk/scream metal sound to their performance and managed to captivate their fans through their unique energies. Lead singer Elias Soriano had a riser so he would go a bunch of times to actually check out the crowd and perform. Elias’ enraging vocals and captivating lyrics from tracks like “Milestone and Fix This” were an essence that no other artist can touch and the delivery for his rifts and orchestration are wonderful, from verse to verse. The amount of guitar solos performed were captivating to watch and the emotion within the lyrics was set in stone and mad creative The fans were much more satisfied with this band by the way they knew each lyric, how they incorporated their sound for its uniqueness, and how the fans in the crowd participated so much. NonPoint also performed a cover of Phil Collins’ “Feel It in the Air”, and the crowd was much pleased with that cover. The enraging orchestration of the band and the wicked performance that they brought was enough to satisfy the fans to bring an excellent set that they had forward

To further end the show, HELLYEAH came on stage no regrets given and they performed one hell of a show for their day one fans and metal heads alike

They bring a unique sound to when they performed tracks like “X”, “Oh My God”, “Demons in the Dirt”, “Moth” and “Blood for Blood”, and actually brought something interesting to the table. By performing lots of good tracks and managing to do well, the band captivated their voices and brought a distilling sound that they have never brought before. Chad Gray’s stage diving moments to the crowd was as fun as it could be, and his loving interactions with the fans by shaking their hands constituted to the notion that he brought the role of being in the presence as a legend. The orchestration of band members Tom Maxwell, Christian Brady, and Kyle Sanders made it very cool to watch, based on the connection between each member, the guitar solos, the heavy riffs and much more. The band also performed two Pantera covers, being “I’m Broken” and “Walk”, and Chad’s enticing dark tones through his presence brought something that no other band brought, and the craziness and enraging energy is what makes Chad one of the best to do it. For their encore, they performed two tracks, which were “Waging War” and “HELLYEAH!”; overall, this was a good show to check out and it definitely brought the late Vinny Paul’s presence when it was evident.




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