Tuesday November 26th, 2019 In Flames fans filled London Music Hall for an almost sold out show!

First on stage was Arrival of Autumn, right from Alberta, Canada. This was their first show in Ontario. They played tracks from their new album, “Harbinger”, which got the crowd moving and pumped up for the following bands to come.

Following Arrival of Autumns head bangin’ performance, RED hit the stage with full force. Multiple award winning and Grammy nominated, they proved their sound is definitely meant for a large stage. Lead singer, Michael Barnes, projected powerful vocals and a very energetic performance. This was special night for guitarists (and twins) Randy and Anthony Armstrong as they celebrated their birthday. Near the end of their performance a birthday cake was brought onstage, and as the crowd cheered and sang happy birthday, they blew out their candles and finished up their set.

Finally, all the way from Sweden, In Flames took the stage. Performing their first single Cloud Connected, the crowd went wild. From the moment they entered the stage to the very end, lead vocalist Anders Fridén had the pit moving, fans cheering, horns up and heads banging. There was something for everyone as In Flames performed a variety of both old and new tracks.

Lead guitarist Björn Gelotte graced the fans with multiple solos throughout the night. He truly looked like a guitar God with the way the lights beamed from behind him. Joining Gelotte on stage was former Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick, bassist Bryce Paul Newman and lastly drummer Tanner Wayne. With hair flying, feet gliding across the stage, and smiles as they shredded their instruments, you could really tell that In Flames has a great time on stage performing.

In Flames had delivered one of the best metal shows that I’ve seen in a while. If you haven’t seen them live, do yourself a favour and get a ticket because this is one tour you do not want to miss!






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