The Dirty Nil with Single Mothers

The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto ON| 11.28.2019 |



On Thursday November 28, 2019 The Dirty Nil and Single Mothers played to a SOLD OUT crowd at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto.  Single Mothers is a Canadian punk rock band that formed in 2008 and are from London Ontario. Seeing Single Mothers a couple of times before I knew that they would deliver a super energetic performance and they did not disappoint, they did just that! Lead singer Drew jumped and ran around the stage while performing, tipped his microphone and stand in the crowd a couple of times so fans could sing along which really got them going. They started off the set with their hit “Overdose” from their album Negative Qualities (2014) and ended the set with their hit “Money” off the same album. They really set the tone for the show and got the crowd ready for the headliners The Dirty Nil to take the stage.


The Dirty Nil is a Canadian alternative rock band from Hamilton Ontario, they formed the band while they were in high school and have been playing ever since. They even won a Juno award for Breakthrough Group of the Year in 2017. The show was about to begin and the stage started to fill with smoke and dim red lighting while Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba” played in the background, and started screaming and Luke, Ross and Kyle entered the stage. Luke was wearing his iconic white and navy-blue stars attire and they began the show with their hit single “Idiot Victory”. They played new songs “Hello Jealous” and “Doom Boy” and finished the show with their 2011 single “Fuckin Up Young”. During the show they kept saying how excited and grateful they were to be back and playing in Toronto, they are such a great group of humble guys that delivered an epic performance!



Single Mothers Set List

  1. Overdose
  2. Marbles
  3. Dog Parks
  4. Switch Off
  5. Enough for You
  6. Nausea
  7. Metropolis
  8. Undercover
  9. Half-Lit
  10. Leash
  11. Big Scar
  12. Christian Girls
  13. Money


The Dirty Nil Set List


INTRO: Bawitdaba (Kid Rock song)

  1. Idiot Victory
  2. Bathed in Light
  3. No Weaknesses
  4. That’s What Heaven Feels Like
  5. Zombie Eyed
  6. Always High
  7. Hello Jealous (New Song)
  8. Caroline
  9. Please, Please Me
  10. I Don’t Want That Phone Call
  11. Smoking Is Magic
  12. Astro Ever After
  13. Auf Wiedersehen
  14. Doom Boy (New Song)
  15. Know Your Rodent
  16. Evil Side
  17. Hit the Lights (Metallica cover)


  1. Pain of Infinity
  2. Fuckin’ Up Young





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