Photo and Review by Jerome Joyce


Alright! Where do I start?! Live music is a huge staple in my life. I’m in a venue almost nightly absorbing and experiencing music of all genres. Some artists are known, some are not but seeing what artists create in real life is truly magical. Then there’s the artists you follow and are fans of musically. Amigo the Devil is one for me. I caught a quick glimpse of his set back in February when he opened up for Dropkick Murphys . It was brief but regardless, still caught my attention. On the drive home, threw his music on shuffle and was instantly invested in his ability to story tell through his lyrics. I needed to experience his live set once again and there’s no better place for this to happen in Toronto then Lee’s Palace.

Hitting the stage with the biggest smile was Amigo. He approached the mic and took me on a roller coaster of emotion with his music. His raw energy and outpouring of emotion had me hooked. Feeling what he’s experienced through every word, expression, scream and twisted smile had me committed. Breaking the tension with playful banter then diving right back in was thoroughly entertaining. Crowd singing along to every word! Amigo is a true artist! A one man show with an acoustic in hand, sharing his pain and life through every string and leaving his audience in tears of both sadness and joy. The connection he created with myself and others around was truly surreal, something I never fully expected and quite frankly, wasn’t prepared for.
Do yourself a favour and see this man perform live. It’s beyond a concert, it’s an experience.


I’m Crazy
One Kind of People
Dahmer Does Hollywood
The Weight
Cocaine and Abel
All Star
(Smash Mouth cover)
I Hope Your Husband Dies
(With John Mayer – Gravity tease) Hungover in Jonestown
The Recluse
First Day of the End of My Life Pert ect Wife
Hell and You
The Dreamer
Stronger Than Dead

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