ALBUM REVIEW: Earthshatter “1135”

Words By: Michelle Cooney

Release Date: January 13, 2020

Toronto’s Earthshatter have released their first EP, 1135. Featuring members of Brand of Sacrifice and The Parallel, this incarnation has been around since 2018, having issued a handful of singles in 2019.

Intro track “O’Connor Drive” is more than reminiscent of nu-metal with ample DJ scratches, but don’t be fooled – it won’t prepare you for the next 19 minutes of genre-spanning sonic attack. The intro is followed by standout track “Ghost Orchid”, a bitter letter which starts off with a triumphant “Woo!” and an acidic “I highly doubt you’ll hear these fucking words.”

Vocals across the album range from gangs to rap-influenced, from growly verses to elevated melodic choruses. Although lyrics are at times a little simple with ear-pleasing rhymes, their catchiness is deceiving, as they’re full of emotion-baring personal pain. “I’m just a fucking problem that’ll never go away,” declares “Spit”. In “Vic Park” the chorus proposes: “Save me from this hell, I can’t feel anything.”

Much of the EP showcases Earthshatter’s versatility and ability to straddle genres. Behind the experimental metalcore, you’ll find hints of nu-metal and grindcore. Starts, stops, and breakdowns all come together to form a never-boring listening experience of well-organized chaos.

1135 is singalongable and emotion-packed, yet heavyweight, with “so many moving parts,” to steal a lyric from the title track. Fans of Vein, As I Lay Dying, Varials, and Knocked Loose will be delighted with this hard-hitting offering from Earthshatter.

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