Words & Photography by: Veronique Giguere

On Thursday January 30th Half Moon Run with Taylor Janzen played in Toronto, ON at REBEL

The night kicked off with a set from Taylor Janzen. She had a mesmerizing and relaxed vibe. Her set included a few songs with her singing solo with an electric guitar, and some with two band mates on drums and guitar. She had a good sense of humour and a very natural way of connecting with the audience. She kept them engaged and received lots of encouragement from the crowd. 

I had never seen Half Moon Run live, but was told I should check them out with the promise that they put on a great show. I was not disappointed. Their band members rotated between multiple drum sets, keyboards and guitars, with a new configuration for each song. They even had a 4-piece string section at the back of the stage, above the two drum kits, who would be illuminated during different songs. Their light show acted as an extra member of the band and added an extra dimension to every song. It created an air of mystery but also helped direct your attention to different members of the band at different times. The band kept the energy up for the entire set, interacting with each other and the crowd the whole time. They truly looked like they were having a great time on stage. There were even a few surprises in the set, most notably an acoustic performance of “Sun Leads Me On”, which brought all the members of the band and the string quartet to the front of the stage to perform a moving rendition of the song. For other songs, Devon, their lead singer, would put down his guitar and join the other two percussion players to make the beat of the song really pop.  Overall, all those who were at REBEL on Thursday night got to be part of a special night of music that I don’t think anyone will soon forget. 

Taylor Janzen Setlist:

  1. Dennis Quaid
  2. Shouting Matches
  3. I Feel A Darkness 
  4. New Mercies
  5. What I Do

Half Moon Run Setlist:

  1. 21 Gun Salute
  2. I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On
  3. Then Again
  4. Unofferable
  5. Turn Your Love
  6. Natural Disaster
  7. Favourite Boy
  8. Narrow Margins
  9. Flesh and Blood
  10. Sun Leads Me On (Acoustic)
  11. Need It
  12. Razorblade
  13. Call Me in the Afternoon
  14. Drug You
  15. She Wants to Know


  1. Jello on My Mind
  2. Fire Escape
  3. Full Circle

Taylor Janzen

Half Moon Run

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