Words + Photography by: Samantha Carcasole

On a cold and snowy Sunday evening, and on February 9th, the Hard Luck was buzzing with metal fans ready to party with VileDriver, Goreworm and Killitorous, as they ripped the stage with the mighty Gorod!

Killitorous has a certain way with pop culture and has found the science of making these references as heavy and brutal as possible with their sick riffs and ridiculous drum beats. They recently released a video for their track “Married with Children”, which will appear on their upcoming album “The Afterparty”, and it certainly was a treat to see performed live.

The energy this band gave to the audience proved that they were having just as much fun (if not, more fun) than the fans themselves. The pit got real rowdy real quick, to a point where there were a few groups of people having the equivalent of chicken fights in the pool…in the moshpit. In a venue like the Hard Luck, that’s some serious risky business.

Killitorous continued on playing more off their album “Party, Grind” which kept the crowd moving till the bitter end of their set until Gorod hit the stage. 

Gorod is a technical death metal band that hails from France and absolutely blew me away. I will admit I was not familiar with this band going into the show, but frontman Julien Deyres astonished me with his booming vocals and the way he was able to command a room. I instantly threw this band on my Spotify library and playlists, and I am thoroughly looking forward to having them climb close to a top spot on my list.



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