ALBUM REVIEW: DECK PISS “Get Your Shit Together”


Words by: Michelle Cooney




Hamilton’s Deck Piss are punk as shit. Their album Get Your Shit Together is a real banger, and musically, they definitely have their shit together. A throwback to the good old days of hardcore punk, there’s a bit of a bluesy influence in some of the riffs. Growly vocals are complemented by big tone-y bass and straight up punk drums.

Five out of eight tracks have the word “shit” in the title, and with a name like Deck Piss, one might expect a record full of vulgarities. They don’t disappoint, and it’s a ripping good time. Listening to the album it’s easy to imagine what a major rager their live shows would be.

The DGAF vibe here is offset by the top-notch production value. Produced by Scott Middleton of the Cancer Bats, the recordings are uncharacteristically good for the usual basement DIY ethic that’s more characteristic of the genre.

At just over two minutes, the album’s longest song is “Apeshit.” It’s possibly the most structurally-sound song, and features a laid back, soaring solo. Their re-imagining of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising” may seem a little out of place on such a ripper of an album, but they do it punk rock justice. They of course throw their own twist in for good measure with the line “Hope you have got your shit together.”

Get Your Shit Together encourages much singing along, and the inclination to crush a few beers whilst listening. Deck Piss shrewdly elicits visuals of a mosh pit, raised fists, and ample yelling along of “Shit yeah!”

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