Delta, BC band and one of the pinnacle bands that brought the flavour of Canadian rock, Theory of a Deadman, are back to perform in Toronto and by doing it bigger by headlining their show at REBEL. The last time they played in Toronto was back in May 2018, at the Phoenix Concert Theatre for their last headlining tour. Fans have been anticipating a Toronto show for quite a while and REBEL seemed to be the best venue to perform at, to support their latest release, Say Nothing (604 /Roadrunner/Atlantic). 

Saskatoon, SK-based band W3apons set the roof on fire with some of their original tracks, such as “Off the Top of My Heart”, “Best I Ever Had”, and “Broken Promises”. They also wanted the crowd to donate $5 for their Pink T-Shirt Fay campaign, in which all proceeds go to the Pink T-Shirt Foundation. The trio went as hard as they could to gain the respect of every Theory fan in the crowd, and it seemed to work out with their dedication to performing on stage, having fun together, to even going twice as hard as their other counterparts in terms of performing. They also brought a heavier element to their show by performing a cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade”, as an ode to the current Western government’s situation, as well as to support Rage for their upcoming rise for this year. The band seemed to remind me of a lot of early 2000s bands with their unique sound, such as Sum 41, Simple Plan, and even a hint of Blink-182 as well.

After the W3apons set, Theory of a Deadman came by to perform a variety of their older and new tracks for their day one and new fans. Tyler Connolly brought the nonchalant energy on stage when he performed starting tracks like “Lowlife”, “Blow”, “B**ch Came Back”, “Not Meant to Be”, and “Angel”. The stage lighting and projection was set at a unique point, with backing front lights that were toward the crowd, and the headlights would change from time to time, depending on the mood. Their stage and orchestration performance was amazing and it was a worthwhile performance of what they did. They performed a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, and the brotherhood between Tyler, Dave, and Dean was beautiful and fun to see while they performed with each other. What also made this night amazing was the sound that they portrayed, which was what the fans craved for a very long time and it was something you have to experience live to enjoy it. For their encore, they managed to bless their fans and the stage with both of their cult classics, “RX (Medicate)” and “Bad Girlfriend”.

W3APONS Setlist

Off the Top of My Heart

Best I Ever Had

Broken Promises

Bulls on Parade (Rage Against the Machine cover)

She Was The One

Theory of a Deadman Setlist



Bitch Came Back

Not Meant to Be


Nothing Could Come Between Us

History of Violence

Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)

All or Nothing

Straight Jacket

Better Off

Make Up Your Mind

World Keeps Spinning

Santa Monica

Hate My Life

Rx (Medicate)

Bad Girlfriend



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