CONCERT COVERAGE: While She Sleeps in Toronto, ON

While She Sleeps with He Is Legend
Hard Luck Bar, Toronto ON| 02.29.2020 |
Photography and Review by Sabrina Città

At the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto on Saturday February 29, 2020 He is Legend from North Carolina took the stage and were the second band on the bill with their interesting sound of metalcore and southern rock. They had a great sound, awesome instrumentals and really amped up the crowd for While She Sleeps.

Although While She Sleeps have played shows in Toronto before this was their first ever North American Headlining tour and boy did they deliver. The Hard Luck was packed as this was a sold-out show. As the lights began to dim, all the way from Sheffield, England, Mat, Aaran, Adam, Sean and Loz (Lawrence) began to take to the stage and immediately started off the set with Ant-Social from their album So What?. This album actually just celebrated its one-year anniversary since the release. The crowd went wild, moshing began, along with crowd surfing and close to the middle of the set they literally tore the place down, you could see one of the ceiling tiles fall and a bunch of cables and insulation trickle down from the ceiling. People in the crowd started going on each other’s shoulders trying to fix the issue before security came along. But the show continued, Loz jumped in the crowd a couple of times and crowd surfed and at one point Mat asked for a beer and Loz suggested that he should crowd surf to the bar to get one and he did just that.

They finished off the show with “You Are we” and Loz announced that they would all be there after the set to sign things and take photos with everyone and they did just that. It was such an incredible and super energetic show with a great group of genuinely nice and friendly guys. 

 While She Sleeps Setllist

  1. Anti-Social
  2. I’ve Seen It All
  3. Set You Free
  4. Civil Isolation
  5. Brainwashed
  6. Fakers Plague
  7. Death Toll
  8. Four Walls
  9. The Guilty Party
  10. Hurricane
  11. Silence Speaks
  12. You Are We

He Is Legend Setlist 

  1. White Bat
  2. Burn All Your Rock Records
  3. The Seduction
  4. Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of…)
  5. The Fight Song(Marilyn Manson cover)
  6. Everyone I Know Has Fangs
  7. Eye Teeth
  8. Boogiewoman



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