The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous – April 17
Review by Michelle Cooney


Michigan’s The Black Dahlia Murder have released a much-anticipated follow-up to 2017’s Nightbringers (Metal Blade Records). The band’s ninth full length, Verminous (Metal Blade Records), is nine tracks of melodic death metal mayhem.

Verminous begins with the eerie sounds of dripping water and squeaking vermin. What follows is an impressive and aggressive record that features technical bass, chugging guitar, and blast beats. The album is utterly compelling, as there is something to be said of the fascination in the darker things in life.

The imagery created lyrically by Strnad throughout the entire album is something to behold. Lyrics are brutally and artfully performed through high pitched versus guttural growls. A couple instances, such as on “Child of Night”, feature a slightly different vocal style, which makes for more of an anthem than a ripper. The album’s interlude, “A Womb In Dark Chrysalis”, features more of that dripping, crawling sound that began the album, and a short yet ominous acoustic guitar solo.

Verminous is an ode to the deliciously filthy underworld of death metal – there is a feeling of calling the masses together here. The sense of comradery is summed up in the lyrics “Our legions assembling in masses unending / Our millions shall be one / In cess and filth the verminous live on.”


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