Deafheaven Heavy Press 1

Photography/Words by: Mac Downey

Post-Metal Band Deafheaven made their return to Toronto on Tuesday April 2nd, 2019. Hot off the release of their newest project Ordinary Corrupt Human Love and with support from Baroness; Deafheaven brought the energy to the Danforth Music Hall for a night most fans will not soon forget.

Even with Deafheaven only taking the stage at 10pm the venue was packed by 8pm. Georgia Heavy Metal Band Baroness took the stage at 8:30pm accompanied by a marvelous light show that only magnified the experience. The use of strong blue lighting grazing the band members skin and hair gave the show an almost spiritual vibe, perfectly complementing the music. Baroness knew how to work the crowd with lead singer John Baizley constantly interacting with the them allowing for the experience to come off as more intimate than grand, which a venue like Danforth Music Hall would normally feel like. Their set wonderfully bounced between heavy riffs and slow melodic melodies (thankfully giving audience members moments to catch their breath before the next mosh pit.)

Baroness did what any good support should, and had the audience hyped for the headliner. As chants for Deafheaven got stronger, the band took the stage with a bang. The lights went out as each member walked on stage, the crowd seeming to grow and grow in volume with each member. Then silence as it goes totally black. A few moments go by and a barrage of lights grace the stage. George Clarke’s energy is one of legends as he does not just perform but embodies the power of their music. Clarke never in one spot too long as he whips around the stage carrying the mic stand as if it’s a weapon. While as well head banging and whipping his hair throughout his set. His charisma even had me head banging in the photo pit (maybe not the best to do when taking photos, but I was under his spell.) The performance seemed to only build and build throughout the show, with the most pit doing the same. When the show finally came to a close, audience members of all ages left bearing the exhaustion of any great most pit. Overall this will surely be a night fans won’t forget, at least till they return and up their last performance.




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