Jeanette LeBlanc
Owner/ Editor in Chief


Do you enjoy rocking out to Alternative/ Heavy music?

Do you know the difference between you’re and your?

The Heavy Press is young and looking to expand as fast as possible. We are always in need of Writers, Interviewers, Graphic Designers and Photographers/ Videographers. If you are passionate about the industry and want to be a part of something exciting then tell us a bit about yourself, along with 10 upcoming shows you would like to cover and why we should pick you!

As a writer for The Heavy Press you will have to power and freedom to share your opinions and passions with music fans from all over! You will be able to share your music experiences with the world through Concert Reviews, take pride in helping to discover new bands through our “Look Out For!” section, share your thoughts on your favorite new releases through Album Reviews, and let your creativity take over as you write about ANYTHING in our editorial section, “Our Weigh Ins”.

If this sounds like you, then tell us more about yourself! There is no writing background required, and you don’t have to be a professional photographer; we are looking for real people with real opinions and passions.

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