“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

 -Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Jeanette Cruickshank (Owner/ Editor-in-Chief/ Writer/ Interviewer/ Photographer)

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She is a Taurus who graduated Radio Broadcasting at Seneca College in 2013. She currently works full-time as an On-Air Promotions Coordinator for 94.9 The Rock, KX96 and CKDO. Jeanette’s dream job would be hosting and producing a “The Heavy Press TV” channel. The best concert she’s ever been to was Atreyu with Every Time I Die and Chiodos in 2007 when she was just a young buck stepping into the heavy music world. When Jeanette was asked why she got into music journalism she said, “I always lacked the musical talent but needed to get involved in the industry, so I took my broadcasting skills and turned them into my hobbie and started The Heavy Press. Going to concerts and digging deeper into the stories behind the songs we hear is something I’ve always loved doing and will never stop pursuing.”


Jerome Joyce (Managing Editor / Photographer / Writer)

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Jerome is an Aquarius who loves all aspects of art and being creative. Barber by profession with aspirations of opening a metal themed shop consisting of a photo studio for band promos and other studio related photography. Music has been a major part of his life, going back to his first concert as a 5 year old. His favorite concert was finally seeing Incubus, his favorite band live in 2012. When asked why he wanted to get into music journalism, his response was “I want to portray what I see and feel through my images. I want everyone who looks at my work to feel like they’re at the show, right beside me”.


Adam Harrison (Writer/ Photographer/ Interviewer)

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Adam is a Leo who graduated Commerce & Economics at the University of Toronto in 2010. Adam dreams of being a Writer/Photographer for Rolling Stone or National Geographic, or being a writer for a TV series as he is currently writing and producing a webseries sitcom.  The most memorable concert Adam ever attended was U2’s 360 Tour in 2009 where he observed on the floor in the middle of the stage. When Adam was asked why he is into music journalism he responded, “Since I was a child I enjoyed creating, writing and drawing stories and I never grew out of that. Combined with my passion for music, I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to The Heavy Press.”


Christina Marchioni (Photographer)

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Christina is a Virgo who’s profession is a full-time photographer that specializes in portraits, concerts and fine art. Christina’s hobbies include cosplaying, travelling (fav place so far has been Disney World and BC), adventures with her dog Mulder, and collecting POP! Funko Vinyl Figures. When asked about the best show she has ever attended, her response was Coheed and Cambria because they’ve been her favourite band since her early high school years. Christina has been fortunate enough to see them live several times now and always enjoys their performances! Her favorite Coheed  show was when they played “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” in its entirety back in 2014. When Christina was asked why she decided to get into music journalism she responded, “I’ve always enjoyed going to concerts. I’m a music enthusiast. I love the hectic and creative lifestyle of capturing artists on stage. I like telling a visual story. The photographs captured are a small part of the artists performance that we are able to make accessible to everybody.”


Tyson Clarke (Writer)

Tyson is an Aries who’s dream job is to be the frontman in a rock band. His favourite concert was The Glorious Sons at the K Rock Centre in Kingston. The first time he saw them live was in a hotel, so to see them sell out an arena show in their hometown was extremely special. When Tyson was asked why he got into music journalism he said “for longer than I can remember, my first love was music. When I was 5 I got a karaoke machine for Christmas and I used that thing nonstop for about 10 years, putting on concerts for anyone who’d be willing to listen to me. Music has always been my passion and concerts have always been my happy place. If I can’t be on stage, I knew I needed to be involved in the music industry in some way so when I got the opportunity to be apart of this team I jumped at the chance.”


Scott Cruickshank (Writer)


Scott is an Aries who graduated Automotive Repair Technician at Centennial College. Scott’s dream job is to be an automotive painter as he has a strong passion for cars and music alike. He is a self declared guitar/bass gear junky who currently plays and composes music as a hobby, but also has a fascination with live performance, and the evolution of modern music. The best show Scott has ever been to was Parkway Drive at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in 2013. When asked why he is into music journalism, Scott responded, “To connect with music on a higher level and to be a part of the awesome local music community.”


Dakota King (Photographer)


Dakota is an Aries who is currently immersed in the Digital Photography and Imaging Program at Georgian College, but soon will be Class of 2015. The highest goal she can set for herself in regards to a ‘dream job’ would be to end up shooting for either the Rolling Stone or Harper’s Bazaar, but she thinks she’ll probably wind up in Slab City making hippie art and drinking beer- not a bad life! The most memorable concert Dakota has ever attended was Underoath’s farewell tour as well as when she saw August Burns Red for the first time in 2012. When asked why she is into music journalism she responded, “I’m into photography because its an outlet for stimulus and expression; it allows you to share stories and ignite emotion, as well as it allows you to play and create in a world where there is no bounds.”


Anna Sklavos (Photographer)


She is a Capricorn who studied Graphic Design and Photography at Durham College. Anna’s dream job is opening up her own production/ media company. The best concert Anna has ever attended was a toss up between Heavy TO in 2012, Eluveitie, and Ozzfest about six years ago with Ozzy, Rob Zombie and In This Moment. When Anna was asked why she is into music journalism she responded with “Concerts and photography put together make me more than happy. I love taking photos and I love listening to music so music journalism seems rather
ideal. I especially enjoy giving local talent the exposure they deserve. There is a lot of talent roaming the underground scene in Toronto.”


Michael Amaral (Photographer)


He is a Gemini who is a musician and photographer. Michael’s passion is to be as creative as possible. His other hobbies include making music videos for bands. When asked what his favorite concert was he said he’s seen Slipknot so many times he lost count, but one that stood out the most was in 2005 at Arrow Hall. He feels that everyone needs to see Slipknot live at least once in their lifetime, it’s a mind blowing experience!  When asked why did you get into music journalism? Michael responded “I take photos of bands performing because I love capturing a moment and creating a mood. When there is a band on stage giving everything they’ve got to a crowd I am bound to capture it for them and the audience.”


Shannon Constantine (Photographer)

Shannon is a Scorpio who graduated from the Photography program at Fanshawe College in 2011. Her dream job would be having her own photography studio in New York. Her most memorable moments with the music industry are randomly meeting Claudio Sanchez while cutting through the parking lot after their show with Linkin Park and seeing System of a Down live at Heavy TO in 2012. When Shannon was asked why she’s into music journalism she responded with “I never thought concerts could get any better until I had the opportunity to see them front row and centre while capturing it on my camera.”


 Jason Hodgins (Photographer)


Jason is an Aquarius who’s dream job is to be a Playboy Magazine Photographer. The best concert he ever attended was Die Antwoord at the Danforth Music Hall. When Jason was asked why he is into concert photography he responded, “I love capturing the emotion and energy of live music performances”.

Heavy Press Bio 3

Gerrod Harris (Writer)

Gerrod is a Sagittarius who is currently studying Music and Education at York University.  Gerrod’s dream job is to be the drummer in a successful  band, writing music, and performing.  The best concert he’s ever seen is a toss up between The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots, Antemasque and Jane’s Addiction.  When Gerrod was asked why he’s into music journalism, he said “I am very passionate about music.  Music journalism allows for me to express that passion and the culture it creates through my words and opinions.”



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